So you’ve read about the Dice Turret. You’re thinking about buying one as well but just can’t pull the trigger? Here’s what other people are saying about them. Please, don’t take our word for it. Let these people help you push the “Buy” button…

Well I finally got around to using the dice tower after putting it together actually days ago. I found the assembly quite easy but will admit the directions are a bit confusing as is. I have heard the directions are being redone to make them more clearer and there is a video available on YouTube which will help. The YouTube video alone is enough to get you through the assembly and I hope a link is included in the new ‘improved’ directions. I really like the sound of the tower. I own another one made of plastic that can be easily assembled and taken apart from Chessex but have always disliked the clanking it makes as the dice fall down it. This tower has a nice muffled ‘power’ sound to it as you patiently wait for them to get kicked out the exit. One change I did make: I foresaw that there may be an issue with the top assembly of the tower coming off from the bottom with all the passing around that happens with the group I play with so I hot clued the top to the bottom. Now I don’t know if that would have actually been a problem mind you but I didn’t want it to be an issue on gaming night. Hot gluing it made it feel more solid in the final assembly and if done carefully no one will ever tell. With the initial ones being plain white it also makes for a nice father/son (yes mother/daughter etc etc) project to dress it up and may make fora nice contest from the maker to see what is possible with a bit of creativity. All in all a very nice purchase for those who would like a dice tower and unless you sit on it it should last a good long time. And with Secret Santa around the corner it would make a nice addition to a game being sent with dice play (and cheaper than the maple syrup I sent last year to Brazil – plentiful in NH but thought it may be a rarety there). When or IF the day comes I have to bury mine I’ll more than likely get another. —Slabcity

I bought one when they were made generally available, and received it Monday morning. It arrived sandwiched between two flat corrugated cardboard panels. Instead of printed instructions, it had a sticker on the base with the URL to the web site and handy how-to video. The video was essential because the three pieces look complicated at first, especially the ramp insert. Once I got going, though, it proved easy to put together. I appreciate that no cutting was needed, just punching out a few windows. The only issue I found after setup is that the gap between the first and second ramp is small and doesn’t appear to be easily adjustable. My Chessex mini-dice and regular size dice drop fine through it, but an 18mm or larger die with straight edges gets stuck. I can bend the second ramp down, but it looks like I would need to glue it to keep it in place. On the positive side, the slight flex of the cardboard appears to help randomization. I experimented with different ways of dropping dice down the chute and didn’t seen any bias. Overall I consider this excellent value for the money, and am showing it off to my gaming friends already. —Myok

I’ve been playing and DMing for the last ten years, D&D to Scion to X-Crawl and everything in between. My group has always had issues with the dice being all over the place, especially in high volume games like Shadowrun. Each one of my players has one now and we won’t be without it! It’s sturdier than the flimsy plastic ones and cheaper (and lighter to carry around) than the heavy wooden ones. And it keeps everyone’s lucky dice in a neat tray instead of on the floor or getting stuck a crack in the table, spine of the book, etc. etc. Also we can play outside now, or without a table without worrying about having a flat surface to roll on. We’ve actually gone through our games more quickly with the addition of the towers. There’s no squabbling about who rolled what and whose dice are where. It’s all plain to see. These have actually made it so that playing games is fun again and not a hassle. —Danielle

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